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RADICAL-Pilot (RP) is a pilot system written in Python and specialized in executing applications composed of many heterogeneous computational tasks on high performance computing (HPC) platforms. As a Pilot system, RP separates resource acquisition from using those resources to execute application tasks. Resources are acquired by submitting a job to the batch system of an HPC machine. Once the job is scheduled on the requested resources, RP can directly schedule and launch application tasks on those resources. Thus, tasks are not scheduled via the batch system of the HPC platform, but directly on the acquired resources with the maximum degree of concurrency they afford. See our Brief Introduction to RADICAL-Pilot to see how RP works on an HPC platform.

RP offers unique features when compared to other pilot systems: (1) concurrent and sequential execution of heterogeneous tasks on one or more pilots, e.g., single/multi-core, single/multi-GPU, MPI/OpenMP; (2) describing executable tasks and Python function tasks; (3) support of all the major HPC batch systems, e.g., slurm, torque, pbs, lsf, etc.; (4) support of more than 16 methods to launch tasks, e.g., ssh, mpirun, aprun, jsrun, prrte, etc.; and (5) a general purpose distributed architecture.