3.9. Setup Task Environment

Different applications come with different requirements for the runtime environment. This section describes how the shell environment for a task can be configured.

The task environment is defined via a Python dictionary, as part of the task description:

cud = rp.TaskDescription()

cud.executable  = '/bin/echo'
cud.arguments   = ['$RP_TASK_ID greets $TEST']
cud.environment = {'TEST' : 'jabberwocky'}

This makes the environment variable TEST available during task execution. Some other variables, such as the RP_TASK_ID above, are set by RP internally and are here used for demonstration.

3.9.1. Running the Example

08_task_environment.py. uses the code above to run a bag of echo commands. Here its output:


3.9.2. What’s Next?

The next section describes how to configure a task to run as an MPI application.